My Story

Who am I and why did I start Boxer98? I’m a regular guy who always keeps himself in great shape. I played football in high school and a couple years in college (I wore #98 that’s why I picked it for the site) but a few years ago my confidence came crashing down. One night when I was walking to my car I got jumped. I was always in decent shape and to be honest I felt like I was untouchable but if you’ve ever been in a fight when you’re outnumbered you quickly realize that you aren’t nearly as tough as you think you are. I was beat up, had a black eye and a bunch of bruises but what really hurt the most was my pride. I felt nervous, always looking around me and I needed something to get my self confidence back.

My confidence shattered and questioning my strength and conditioning I started taking up boxing as a way to not just feel more fit but build an inner strength and confidence so I would not have to feel afraid anymore. I knew I would probably never get jumped again, but that didn’t matter… I needed to get stronger physically and mentally. I started doing just my own training at the local gym. Running, lifting weights, punching bags. It took a while to build up my strength and stamina so that I could even do a fight without having to take a break. Although training seemed gruesome, I told myself that this is what it takes. Not only is it good for my health but I will be a much better boxer because of it.

It felt like I forced myself to stick with my plans but I was able to after a lot of unneeded hesitation. First I began by changing my diet with some help from Medifast coupons. I was not an obese person before but most of my food consisted of take-out. I soon realized that I have to have a better diet so that I not only have the nutrients but also so that I will feel better after working out. Taking it a day at a time, changing small habits, is what made my change in diet work. Then I started exercising by jogging in the mornings, and soon twice a day. The cardio helped to make my heart beat fast and get ready for the more intensive parts of my training. Lastly for my self-training, I started lifting weights and practicing on punching bags.

The weights helped to develop my muscle so my arms would not be so sore after practicing on the punching bags. It also helped to develop strength but it was more about preparing my body for the workload. I was not lifting huge weights in the movies, maybe about 20 or 25 pounds just so I would feel the burn. I then started on the punching bags because it is the best practice for a boxer who has no competitor. Once you start punching and develop strength, you get in the zone. It becomes easier day by day, I just had to stick with it. I underestimated this step because it takes a lot of practice and dedication to train, especially as an amateur, but I stuck to it. After I felt I was somewhat prepared, I joined an amateur boxing ring.

What really inspired me the most was the regular boxing competitions we would have with some of the other fellas. It was not too aggressive and not tiring enough to where I could still wake up for work the next day and feel fine, but it was enough to get a workout in and keep yourself sharp with your technique. Despite my earlier training and conditioning, it was at this amateur ring that I actually learned how to fight and defend myself. I picked up the techniques from people around me and trainers, boosting my skills and also my confidence. My training helped me to better focus on things including boxing but also other aspects of my life. Less brain fog and more clarity both in the ring and out.